The Late Model Car title-pattern

The World of Outlaws is comprised of two series, with two different car classes, Sprint Cars and Late Models. These cars may look foreign to new fans, as neither are anywhere near what you might see driving on the street. Explore the Late Model 3D model below to learn more.


World of Outlaws Late Model 3d model

A dirt Late Model is a full-bodied, purpose-built race car that headlines arguably the most popular dirt track division in the U.S. and Canada. There is no cubic inch limit for the aluminum-head engines, but most teams use power plants of 400-430 cubic inches that produce over 800 horsepower. Dozens of builders construct dirt Late Model chassis, and the bodies of the cars are designed to resemble popular street-car makes from manufacturers such as Chevrolet, Ford, Pontiac, etc. The cars weigh 2,350 pounds and run on racing gasoline.

Car Comparison

Use the sliders below to compare World of Outlaws Late Models to NASCAR's Stock Cars.

late model car vs. stock car
late model crew vs. stock car crew

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Sanctioning bodies, tracks, car owners, drivers, chassis builders and other industry stakeholders work together on an ongoing basis to ensure that the cars are as safe as possible.