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Sponsorship is an important source of revenue for most professional sports leagues, from traditional stick-and-ball sports such as soccer, baseball, football, and basketball, just as it is for auto racing.

You sometimes hear - within motorsports circles – that the competition for sponsorship dollars is as competitive as the racing itself. However, motorsport is not unique in that respect; today's business marketplace is more competitive than ever – and across all sectors.

How can sponsorship help my business?

To compete and, ultimately, grow your business in today's competitive environment, you have to use every tool available to attract customers and close business. Sports sponsorship offers a unique and fun opportunity to do just that.

However, when jumping into a sponsorship arrangement you must first consider what outcomes you are trying to achieve. There are a number of ways motorsports sponsorship can help your business, including:

  • Brand awareness/visibility - advertising your product to an audience that aligns with your customer demographics is a great way to increase overall brand awareness and visibility in the marketplace.

  • Customer entertainment - if you are looking to entertain prospects or customers as a way of driving business or retaining existing business, motorsports experiences are among the best and most exciting available.

  • B2B connectivity - if your company sells products to other businesses, motorsports sponsorships provide opportunities for networking with businesses in your space that might not otherwise be directly available to you.

  • Drive brand loyalty - aligning your product or service with an auto racing property allows you to connect with one of the most loyal demographics in all of advertising. Research has proven that time and time again racing fans will choose sponsor products over the competition.

Benefits of a sponsorship with World Racing Group

  • National reach – more than 200 events in 28 states across the country and broadcast live and exclusively on DIRTVision

  • Local focus - allows businesses to focus locally or regionally.

  • Attractive motorsports demographics – 70% male/30% female; across all age ranges and income levels; tradesmen, construction, and automotive are predominant career paths.

  • Brand loyalty – fiercely loyal to businesses involved in sport.

  • B2B connections – WRG events provide the opportunity to make and reinforce business connections

What does sponsorship cost?

The WRG Business Development team can work with any size business and any size budget. Once we establish the sponsors’ business objectives we can craft a strategy that delivers excellent value as well as meeting your campaign and business goals.

No budget is too small, and the sponsor is able to leverage everything from at-track presence and activation, to live DIRTVision broadcasts, and at-venue video screens.

Sponsorship Opportunities

An objective of all sponsorship strategies is to gain brand awareness and develop interaction with your target audience. This can be accomplished through simple at-track vendor displays to individual event entitlement and corporate hospitality.


How can I get started?

The World Racing Group Business Development group is ready to help! Get the wheels rolling by contacting Melvyn Record, Director of Business Development, at mrecord@dirtcar.com or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you.

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